Gilly Skiggles!
Shortly after I had to say goodbye to my sweet Sara, I began volunteering for a local rescue group. I wanted to take some time before getting another dog so that I could travel and also be emotionally prepared to welcome a new dog into my life. Read More….

Goodbye Sara My Love
On April 22nd of this year (2016), I said goodbye to my SuperGirl, sweet Sara, SaraBoBara.  Sara was believed to be 14.5 yrs old, a beautiful, docile Shepherd mix I had gotten just two short years earlier; it was a week short of our 2 yr anniversary together in fact. Read More….

It’s True, We’re Addicted to Our Dogs!
Or at least I was…
And of course, this addiction is another one of the reasons losing a dog is so hard. Let me clarify and provide some suggestions for dealing with the pain of this loss. Read More….

7 Steps to Surviving Loss
1. Mourn. You’ll grieve without giving it any thought, but mourning is putting action to your grief. Have a funeral. Plan a memorial. Journal. Make a collage. Write a poem. Create an altar of love dedicated to your dog. Do something to express your feelings and honor your sweet dog. Read More….

Living with the Whys
Why did this have to happen? Why did my dog get sick? Why did my dog have to die? Why couldn’t anything be done? Why now? Why me? Why my dog? So many questions left unanswered. Would it be better if there were answers? It’s hard to say. Read More….

Only Love Matters
My dog Ace died naturally, with me by his side, after he beautifully and lovingly said goodbye.  And I am so grateful that it happened that way.  But Ace is the only dog I’ve had who has died this way. Every other dog in my life was euthanized.  Read More….

Ace’s Story
Ace’s and my story is truly a tale of love, destiny, good fortune and fate. The full story can be read in my upcoming book, Ace: Extraordinary Life, Extraordinary Death, but here are some highlights, so you can get a sense of my love for this dog and the relationship we shared.  Read More….

Could Hospice be Right for You & Your Dog?
For many people, I believe most people, when they think of their dog dying, they anticipate that there will come a time when they’ll be faced with the decision of when to euthanize. It seems to be a given and is highly accepted as such.  Read More….

And Life Goes On. Thank you, Sara.
Getting another dog after a deeply loved companion has died is a very personal decision; there simply is no one answer for everybody. Some people find the pain from missing their dog too great to bear and get another dog immediately.  Read More….

Why is This So Hard?!
There are many reasons losing a dog can be more difficult than losing a human family member or friend. Often, we spend more time with and give more attention to our dog than anyone else. They make us laugh, comfort us when we are sad and provide constant companionship when we let them.  Read More….

Ace & the Afterlife
While I had believed in an afterlife for some time, it was still an esoteric concept, hard to wrap the brain around, simply because we just can’t know with the same kind of certainty that we know so many other things. It’s not tangible to us; it’s a concept, and that can be hard to fully embrace. Or at least it was, until Ace died.  Read More….

Common Reactions to Loss
Right now, the pain of losing your dog may seem unbearable. When faced with such a great loss, it’s not unusual to find yourself crying uncontrollably, losing sleep, isolating yourself from others, feeling alone, and perhaps losing or gaining weight.  Read More….